Brendan van Son

I am a travel writer and travel photographer from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada.  After completing degrees in both Political Science and Human Geography with specialization in Latin America and the developing world, I decided that it was time to discover the world beyond the pages of textbooks and university lectures.  I have decided to let the streets be my classrooms, everyday people become my teachers and the world my jungle gym.  Beyond my own personal website I have written for a number of travel magazines and ezines.  My photographs have appeared everywhere from print magazines to a variety of advertising agencies.  I have now been on the road for nearly three years straight, and my itchy feet continue to push me to continue to explore this wonderful world we live in.

Brendan van Son

“If travel really is what you want to be do doing then go out and do it. If you seek guidance you need not look further than your own desires. If you need support your friends and family will always be there for you. And if you need a hand, those who have set the trail ahead of you will always be there to lead you or, more importantly, remind you that it’s alright to burn your own path.” – Brendan van Son “How I made Travel a Career
“I live without a a path to guide me.
But I am not lost, I know exactly where I am…
It’s only that I don’t yet know where I’m going.” –  Brendan van Son
“the journey has shaped it. The waters and minerals of the sea have made it smooth and flat. Regardless of whether or not it had been striving to reach this beach, it was the journey that moulded it into what it is today.” – Brendan van Son from “The Boy and His Skipping Stone


  1. Yet there is nothing insignificant about you Brendan!

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  2. Hi Brendan! Found you through #tni and linked you on the blog! I am looking forward to checking out all of your posts!

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  3. Hey Brendan,

    So happy to have found your site! Tons of great stuff to read – there goes my productivity. Anyways, thanks again for being our expert on the Canadian Rockies this week for #TNI. Cheers! -Rachel

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  4. Hi Brendan!

    Found your blog on Twitter (@lilyleung) and wanted to drop a note to say hi and look forward to more of your updates.

    P.S. Is the pic on your About page from Ecuador? I think I was in the exact same spot 3 years ago, I recognize the little hearted island :)

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  5. Beautiful quotes you’ve got there. Keep traveling. And writing too.

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  6. Hi, Brendan, it’s great to know about a man like you who braves to breaks boundaries. May you always got some worthy life lessons. God bless you, Brendan!

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  7. Here’s a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson that you might like:

    There’s a race of men that don’t fit in,
    A race that can’t stay still;
    So they break the hearts of kith and kin,
    And they roam the world at will.

    I bookmarked your site a while ago, but only just now found out we have something in common: both from Rocky Mountain House (although haven’t lived in the area for many years). Well I remember the day when Grandad P. dropped me off on the highway just east of the Alhambra corner where I started hitch hiking to Panama. That was in 1965, and I’ve been breaking the hearts of kith and kin ever since.

    All the best
    Jim P

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    • I, too have something in common with you, Brendan. Like my cousin, Jim Patterson, I remember Grandpa P dropping me off to set out on on my world travels. We are all kin in the sense that we see the world as a myriad of un-experienced adventures. The next plan, for Wilson and I, is coast-wise navigation of North and South America. Happy travels, Bendan and Jim.
      Pat Teskey and Wil Southam

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  8. Yes, going beyond the borders of text books is quite correct. I ave enjoyed your site. I shall return to read some more. I have wondered what it would be like to travel for longer periods without stopping. Unfortunately I’m a family person and the luxury to time away is restricted. But I do get around quite a bit.

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  9. Hi Brendan,
    found your blog by chance and it’s really great to read it!! Especially all your infos about South America.
    Keep it up!!!

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  10. do you do naughty things during your travelling?

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    • Hi Beth! Yup, my life definitely doesn’t suck haha.

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  11. Looks like I have finally landed on the right website after browsing for many days. Amazing adventure

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  12. Hi Brendan,

    Wonderful blog you have! I understand you very well as I also love to travel, especially when it is done on the spur of the moment. May you continue your journey to your heart’s desire!!!

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  13. can’t stop watching your posts. I have a little catching up to do, I am on day 30. you just saw an amazing water fall.

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