Penguin Thoughts: You Decide

Penguin Thoughts: You Decide I have had some great responses to the penguin thoughts.  So what I’ve decided to do is take the 4 photos that were posted, post the pictures here and my favourite 2 comments from each of them.  At the bottom you will have a chance to vote on your favourite quote.  The winner will take home a print of their choice from my photo Gallery. Vote simply by leaving a comment in the comment box below. All...

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Penguin Thoughts: Final Round

Penguin Thoughts: Final Round You know by now how this works.  I put up a picture, you guys contribute the thoughts of the penguin. Here is this week’s image: What’s next? Sadly, for now this is the end of the Antarctica stuff.  However some of it will surface over time in the form of opinion articles and daily travel photos.  Luckily, we are moving on to some exciting stuff.  Over the next month or so there will be...

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Daily Travel Photo: Misfit Penguin

The Set Up I had been meaning to save this shot for “penguin thoughts” but it was just too good.  This photo was taken on a little island just off of the Peninsula of Antarctica called Peterman Island.  I stood and watched a group of healthy chicks sticking close to their parents for a while.  However, this one started to look like it was lost.  The perfect misfit penguin. The Shot Patience in wildlife photography is...

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Penguin Thoughts: Round 3

Penguin Thoughts: Round 3 This is the 3rd installment of “Penguin Thoughts.” The idea is simple, simply write in to the comment box below what you think the penguins are talking about, or thinking.  Since there is 3 penguins this week, be sure to write it like this: “1:  She’s man mine, back off! 3: You’re a loser, soon she’ll be with me! 2: These boys have no ideas I’m sleeping with #6″...

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Daily Travel Photo: Penguin Mountain View

Photo of the Day: Penguin Mountain View The Set Up Just off of the edge of the Antarctic Peninsula we made a stop at a little islands called Danko Island.  Like most of the places we stopped at the beach was filled with penguins.  From the beach, little penguin highways trailed up the hills to rockeries where they made their nests.  Generally the penguins stay clumped together in groups.  However this one seemed to like its view, and...

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