Hostel Review – Yellow Nest Barcelona

Hostel Review – Yellow Nest Barcelona

Barcelona.  Ah, what a place.  Majestic architecture, vibrant streets, delicious foods, and more wine than one would think they could ever drink.  It really is a dream destination, and there’s no real wonder as to why it is quickly becoming Europe’s most visited city.  It really has it all: beach, nightlife, and some great sights and sounds. While enjoying my stay in Barcelona I stayed at the Yellow Nest Hostel which is a part of the “Feetup” hostel chain in Europe.  And while my stay at the hostel was fairly uneventful, that is what both made and broke my stay here.  I think that the poor location of the hostel does a lot to erode the atmosphere of this place.  That being said, it is clean, comfortable and a whole lot of other adjectives that start with the letter “c”.  Let’s go through my usual analysis. The Rooms I had the chance to stay in both the dorms and a private room during my 4 night stay in Barcelona.  Both living quarters were fine by my standards.  The private room had a desk, although it didn’t serve me nearly as much good as it should have since the internet never reached my room.  Regardless, the rooms were comfortable and made for a cozy nights sleep.  No serious issues here. Score: 80 The Facilities The kitchen and common area of the hostel is really good.  It almost takes on a bit of a man-cave feel to it and I’m sure with the right crowd it could be a lot of fun.  There was working wifi but only in the basement, and if you wanted to use a computer you had to pay up.  All-in-all, the facilities were good, although I do wish the internet connection would reach the rooms as well. Score: 85 Location This is Yellow Nest’s biggest downside.  Barcelona is a very well spread out city with attractions all over it.  However, Yellow Nest isn’t near anything worth seeing.  The area is nice, and there are some restaurants around, but for tourists you’re looking at a couple metro transfers before you get anywhere.  I wouldn’t stay at Yellow Nest again, and it’s not because it’s not a decent hostel, it’s because it’s a mission to get anywhere fun.  God forbid you want a party night on the Rambla, you’d have to either splurge for a taxi or take the buses that run in the middle of the night to get home. Score: 60 Fun and Atmosphere This may have been more of an issue with who was staying at the hostel when I was there than the actual...

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