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Africa has long had my attention. Ever since I was a little man I dreamed of its adventures. And the truth is, I always imagined I would have gotten here sooner than I have. So far, it has been both challenging and rewarding, and I wouldn’t have it any either way. I am planning on spending at least two years in total, with a little time off in between (I hope), exploring this amazing continent from head to toe and fingertip to fingertip. As I go along, I will be sharing with you my experiences, and sharing my notes and advice here in these travel guides. I hope that this can serve as not only a reference for others hoping to take on similar travels, but a place where you can also share your experiences in the comments of the specific guide. Moreover, if you would like to contribute a guide to a location that I by-passed, please feel free to contact me about doing so.

For simplicity sake, I have laid out the guides by region. Click on the region to view the countries.



  1. Hey Brendan

    did you not go to Angola or did i mis it

    kr Bert

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    • Missed it, unfortunately. I couldn’t get a visa in time.

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  2. Hi Brendan, You should consider doing East Africa. The primates in Uganda and Rwanda should provide some good photography of the great apes.

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    • Yup, I’d love to. My original plan was actually to do an entire loop of Africa, but I got a bit lonely and needed to go home. I’ll be up that way within a year or two, though, I would think.

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