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I knew absolutely nothing about The Gambia before entering it. From what I had read, it was an English-speaking country wedged within Senegal. I honestly had no idea what to expect. What I soon came to find was a country teeming with tourism potential, and a friendly people willing to greet tourists as they come through. Moreover, The Gambia offered me my first real peek into the wildlife of West Africa in a tame easy to access fashion. The country, however, does also come with some challenges. ¬†You’ll be hard pressed to find a place in West Africa where you will be pressed so hard by taxi drivers, shop owners and the famous “bumsters” (guide meets male prostitute). ¬†However, the smiling faces of The Gambia will likely have you yearning for more time in this tiny, and often forgotten, country full of grace.

Backpacker’s Budget: $40-50USD a Day
Highlights: Abuko Nature Reserve, Kachically Crocodile pools

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