If you are planning on someday getting to your list of dream destinations, you might want to start crossing things off that list ASAP! Nothing in the world is permanent and time might be the worst enemy against traveling. Some of the world’s most breathtaking, famous, and awe-inspiring destinations are literally disappearing. It might sound dramatic, but the glaciers of the world are shrinking, and there are a number of the world’s wild species of both animals and plants that are dying off. It is important not only to see these places, but to learn about them so that we can hope to preserve them.

Below is a pretty cool graphic of 10 of the best travel destinations explaining the reasons these places are disappearing and how much time we might have left to visit them. If you want to get out and experience these places, you better get out there and see them while you still can. These, in many ways, are the world’s endangered travel destinations.

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