10 Reasons I Love Argentina

I’ve spent only a short amount of time in Argentina to date, but I really have loved almost everything about it.  I don’t go around saying things like this too often but I love Argentina.  I love just about everything about it.  Below is a bit of a silly rendition of a few of my favourite things in Argentina.

10 Reasons I Love Argentina


1. Sweet Sweet Steak

I’m from a province in Canada known as Alberta.  Where I come from we are proud of the beef we produce.  Throughout the province people constantly proclaim that “there is nothing better than Alberta Beef.”  Although I am probably not going to be allowed to return after saying this, “dear Alberta, there is better beef, a much better beef, and you can find it in Argentina.”

I am Che!

2. I am Che

I can’t even tell you how many people actually believe that Ernesto “Che” Guevara was Cuban, it was there, of course where his fame was gained.  However, the word “Che” in Argentina simply works as the Canadian “buddy” or maybe the Australian “mate.”  Che Guevara was nicknamed “Che” because he was Argentinean.  To this day, people constantly refer to their buddies as Che, as in “Como estas Che?” “Che, donde andas?” Thus, in Argentina, I too am “Che.”

3. Malbec, will you go out with me?

Malbec wine is maybe the most amazing thing to have ever come out of Argentina, and certainly one of the many reasons I love Argentina.  If you travel to the western side of Argentina you’ll come across the city of Mendoza, and once you try the Malbec wines of Mendoza, and see the prices (usually between 2-5USD) you may never leave.

4. Steak

In Argentina there is only one kind of knife: the steak knife.  However steaks in Argentina are so tender you could probably just use a butter knife.  Chewing an Argentinean steak is a grossly exaggerated statement, because you simple don’t really need to chew.  Rather the steaks tend to melt on your teeth like butter seeping a flavour that had been reserved for the gods, but released by wikileaks to the general public.  Also, in case in needed mentioning, the steaks go great with #3

5. Am I in… Canada

Patagonia, looks like Canada, argentina,

Patagonia looks like Canada


As I mentioned in my article “Am I in… Canada” Argentina’s south has a rich beauty to it that drives memories of home into the brain.  The people in this region too belong amongst some of the friendliest in South America, furthering the

sense of Canadian nostalgia.  Rich glacial lake, tall snow-capped mountains, bridal veil waterfalls, and forests that breathe, what else could one want naturally?

6. I ain’t no Gringo, Gringo!

The Argentinean culture is actually a vast mix of lineages including German, Italian, and of course Spanish.  As such, it’s not at all uncommon to see someone in passing with blond hair and shimmering baby blue eyes like my own (;-).  In most other countries in South America without uttering a word from my mouth I am already instantly classified as a gringo, and treated as such.

7. Steak

Argentinean Steak, argentina, food

Argentinean Steak


I once sat at a steak house above Niagara Falls in Canada for a nice steak dinner.  I ordered the “baseball” steak which gets its name from the round shape.  I decided that a streak wasn’t a steak without a great glass of wine with it.  I’d be lying if I said that the steak and wine wasn’t delicious, it was.  However, when the bill came, and the tip was added, my wallet was nearly 60 dollars lighter.  In Argentina, the same meal, with a bottle of wine instead of a glass wouldn’t have

dared to have cost me more than 10-12 dollars.

8. Adventure

If “My World is a Jungle Gym” then Argentina is my ball pit.  From the great mountains of the Andes, to the rich coastline, to the party happy cities, Argentina has a little bit of something for everyone.  Even if adventurous isn’t an adjective you’d naturally tie to your name, Argentina is likely to draw any spec of the sensation from your bones.

9. El Ritmo de la Vida

Bariloche, Argentina, Lake View

Bariloche Lake View


“The rhythm of life.”  You can almost sense the rhythm of life in Argentina.  And in vast contrast to the way of life in North America, it is still beating on time to the music of the world.  In Argentina, people still take the time to meet with friends after work, still have dinner with their families, and simply take the time to enjoy life.  In the streets of North America a street performer is an annoyance, in Argentina a street performance is a display of culture.

10. Have I mentioned the steaks yet?

Just imagine anyone of the above reasons followed, preceded or joined, by the most delicious steak you’ve ever tried in your life, and it’s hard to imagine another place on earth that you’d rather be.  With steaks like these it’s easy to see why I love Argentina and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Author: Brendan van Son

Author: I am a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. Over my years as a travel photographer, I have visited 6 of the 7 continents and more countries than I have any desire to count. If you want to improve your skills, be sure to check out my travel photography channel on Youtube . Also, check out my profile on . to learn a little bit more about me and my work.

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  1. I think I may have to book my plane ticket after that last pic 🙂 … what a feed!

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  2. I thought your article, and photo, was great and very accurate. A friend in Argentina sent it to me here in the US. Don’t you think that “Che” really means “Hey”? Che, que haces? Hey, what are you doing? Che, pasame el chimichurri para el bife de chorizo”?

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    • Ya, you’re right on the Che thing… but we do the same thing in Canada “Buddy, what are you doing” etc. Same idea! Thanks for reading!

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  3. Again you have made my mouth water and my senses alert…Argentina is NOW on my “Bucket List.”
    Thanks again and always for your tantalizing articles and photos…I enjoy reading them…..Thanks also for all your hard work putting your articles and photos together for us readers…
    From my home in Mexico, as an expat, I bid you buenas dias, Brendan

    Patti thecrazychef Somewhere in Mexico

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  4. I see you like our beef 🙂

    Thanks for this article, I enjoyed it enormously and made me homesick too, as well as hungry at 9 am! I’m tired of reading blog posts and articles complaining about how you can;t eat anything else in Argentina than beef (which is definitely not true. Take it from me, a local girl). Unlike them, you wrote an ode to beef and wine!

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  5. Great post, Brendan. Argentina is such a unique country totally different than all the others in South America. It just that little something extra that makes it such a great place to visit. I just wish you would have mentioned the steaks. They’re really great there, and I can’t believe you overlooked them.

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  6. i would have listed the steaks twice myself!! lol.. In argentina I can buy 4 steaks for $10.. $2.50 a peice.. In Chile I can barely get maybe quarter of that for $3… and it isn’t half as good

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  7. Cool post! Though I have to ask– isn’t putting “steak” on your list 4 times a bit of over kill? lol. I’m a vegetarian and never had steak in Argentina– despite living there for a year. The pizza and empanadas were enough for me 🙂

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    • The steaks I eat are generally medium rare, which is hardly killed… actually. Haha, sorry for that. But when you’re a cowboy, you need your steak, and I love my steak! So much in fact that it makes up 40% of this list. I’m sorry Leslie, but that’s the cowboy way… hahaha

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  8. We loved the steaks too, and the wine….oh, the wine. We drank a bottle of wine everyday from the time we landed in Santiago, Chile until we had finished traveling through Argentina a month later! It was so good and cheaper than water! Cheers! (literally!)

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  9. How long will you be there? We are looking at arriving in Argentina sometime in March.

    Although I am not a huge steak fan, I still can’t wait to try the steak.

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    • I’m sure you’ll get along with #3 anyway! I am actually probably going to be somewhere between Paraguay and Venezuela by then… but nothing is set in stone yet.

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  10. Better than Alberta triple A? You’ve peeked my curiosity! There’s not too many places on earth that you can get good steak & wine for a good price.

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  11. I’m salivating at the steak stuff! You cannot mention steak too many times as far as I’m concerned…

    It’s really nice to read a “list” post that’s so passionate and personal. You’re making me want to head to Argentina now…

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  12. One of my favorite places in the world. I think you forgot to mention the steak though.

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    • aw… I knew I was missing something! lol

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  13. Haha, I love everything!!! Guess that’s why I’m marrying an Argie? Malbec is the BEST! PS you left off dulce de leche

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  14. Cannot. wait. for steak. and wine.
    heading there in a few months.
    From the sounds of it, we’ll be living on ‘the steak diet’

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  15. Looking forward to the wine more than the steak. Wonder what they do with their beef that makes it so flavourful. Love the prices too.
    Heading from Salta to Mendoza just after Christmas so will be trying the steak-wine combo on many occasions.

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  16. Have yet to visit Argentina, but my son has friends here in the Canary Isands who hail from there, and have a restaurant here – so I KNOW what you mean about the steaks!! Even with a dental problem brewing last week I could eat their steaks becasue they just melted in the mouth!

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  17. Love your list! I spent some time in Buenos Aires last fall and loved it! I would expand steak to food in general to include empanadas and those little peanut things they sell on the street. Those plus steak multiple times a day kept my tummy singing with joy!!

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  18. Besides the fact that I am starving at the moment, the thought of melt in your mouth like butter steaks has me drooling all over my keyboard. I can’t wait to test it out for myself!

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    • Sometimes I wonder if it’s the same “cow” as we have back home… it’s that much better

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  19. Thank you. I’m supposed to cook for my new vegan girlfriend this week and have absolutely no idea what to make! I found tons of recipes at this vegetarian recipe site but with so mnay to choose from I just got confused. Do you have any recommendations, like .. the tastiest vegetarian recipe, ever, or something?! Thanks in advance! I’m so clueless about this vegetarian stuff

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  20. @April, did you mean garrapiñadas? they’re a classic snack 🙂

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  21. great post che! absolutely agree! and oh- the steak is so important that my porteño husband was kicked out of the country for becoming a vegetarian. okay, that may be a bit of a fib but everyone DOES think he’s loco 😉 glad you’re enjoying it! looking forward to reading more 🙂

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  22. The very first article I ever wrote about Argentina – yes, it was about the steak. So I understand why it makes the list a few times… I easily ate it 4 times a week. I might add the night life or the tango, or even the River vs Boca match… but I might not if I needed to remove steak from that list…

    stay hungry my friend (and adventurous), Craig

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  23. Very funny post. My wife is absolutely rabid about going to Argentina. She forwarded me your post and I must say it sounds like a place we need to check out. The comments are just as compelling. They do say it’s the best steak in the world!

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  24. I know of a vegetarian who went meaty when in Argentina. You have to! It’s their culture.

    What about the tongue, gland, blood sausage and intestines? Did you get into a bit of that? Did you drink maté?

    I like your description of “El Ritmo de la Vida.”

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    • You can eat like a vegetarian well in Argy, but who would want to with all the good meat???? I like tongue, gland and intestine is ok, but don’t like blood sausage too strange of a texture. And, yes, I am a mate addict, sipping on one right now actually.

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  25. Hello, I loved this post.. I’m from Buenos Aires and the truth is that I agree with all that, especially with steaks.. Che, I think you should test the ALFAJORES, are a kind of cookies filled with dulce de leche, and of course.. THE “MATE”!! Those are small things that make love more and more to Argentina hahaha. You will always be welcome here!

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    • Candela, gracias por tu comentario! The truth is that now that I’ve left Argentina, the things I miss most are Asado, Mate, dulce de leche, and tossing around Argentinean slang with friends around the pileta on a saturday!

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  26. OMG, it’s always a good time for the pool, I mean, at a party, or an afternoon, ALWAYS! Ah, tomorrow my dad will make Asado.. On your next trip you are invited to test it .. He does it really well! haha, kisses

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  27. Ohh very interesting post! 🙂 good observations
    PS: you are canadian from Alberta of WHAT ancestry?
    regards from Argentina.

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