"Honey, I swear I did not hook up with that penguin, please come home."

21 Photos of Antarctica: The B-Sides

“You broke my heart” she wept as she waddled away looking at her feet.

21 Photos of Antarctica: The B-Sides


In the wonderful land that is Antarctica I took 0n average 400 pictures a day.  Of those pictures I kept about 20-40 each day.  Of those 20-40 only about 2-4 made their way onto the pages of this blog.  Some of the images have sold, others have kind of just sat on my external hard drive begging to see the light of day.  Here are the poor images that have been wasting away on my hard drive.  Here are 21 photos from Antarctica: The B-Sides.

“Uhmmm, is that fog or is Snoop Dogg coming this way?”
“You’re only 3 minutes older than me, how did you get so tall so fast??”
“Hehe, these people in this boat think I’m just a rock that looks like a face, wait until I blow on them!”
“Hehe, there is another shag… How can they not expect other birds to think they are easy when they’re called ‘shags'”
Russians inside of the ship: “3,2,1 Ready or not here I come!!!”
“Hey you with a camera, you’re not getting me to sign a model release for any less than 300$”
“Guys, get your cameras ready, I found us some Humans!!” “I told you human watching would be fun honey!”
“I wonder if I can shoot my spray far enough to get these Gringos wet?”
“Enough of this air stuff, I’m getting down to where the crill is flowin’ and the humpbacks are easy”
Snow: “I feel so used, they just ride me and leave”
“After the drake passage, I thought this photo was level”
“Honey, I swear I did not hook up with that penguin, please come home.”
“Captain, I don’t think we can get close enough to that glacier.” “Nonsense! I need that ice for my Gin and Tonic.”
“When is Mommy coming home? Do you know how uncomfortable it is to be in this position under your dad?”
“Don’t ever complain about your office not having A/C, we over did it in our building.”
“Why does my cup not say ‘World’s Greatest Travel Writer?’ This is not acceptable!”
“Dude, Snoop Dogg just came by here, I am bakeeeed!”
“Good news Captain. I think we’ve found accessible Gin and Tonic ice!”
“I hope the dude that lives in that house doesn’t mind the cold”
“Grass in Antarctica… who knew??” Snopp: “Did someone say grass?”

What did I miss?

On Monday I posted a photo essay on the beautiful colonial town of Colonia del Sacramento.

What’s next?

After a memories detour back to Antarctica I will come at you with something I’ve been holding back for a while.  992 Photos compressed into about a minute in a half.  Buenos Aires in Time Elapse is finally here!”