As you well know, I’m a bit of an adventure junkie.  I’m not all that into architecture or cities that are all pretty and neat.  For me, it’s the journey and the excitement that gets me going.  I need to be chased by elephants, race scooters through traffic, or bump along an untravelled road to be inspired.  Thus, I’m always looking for something different to challenge myself out there.  These are 5 things I haven’t done that I’d love to give a go.

Travel experiences

Cycle Europe

I don’t know why this has always been a thing for me, I don’t even really like cycling.  However, it does seem to always come back to me.  There are some pretty decent cycling holidays in France so maybe rather than doing it on my own, that would be a good option.  For me, the real appeal of this is getting into the smaller European towns and out of the big cities like Paris.

Take a Horse and Carriage Across America

I always thought it would make a good story to get a carriage build and ride it, pulled be a horse or two, across America like they did hundreds of years ago in the crossing to the wild west.  I think it would be really interesting to see how Americans would perceive the trip and how much, if any, press it would get.  I’d also be interested to see how law enforcement would handle seeing a horse and carriage trotting down the highway.

Drive a Tuk-Tuk across India

After my scooter trip down Africa I’ve become obsessed with idea of buying vehicles locally and driving them across certain places.  I think a tuk-tuk trip would be absolutely unreal.  With all the craziness of India, I think this would be one of those perfect stories, and would lead to a countless number of experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Kayak the length of the Danube

People cycle down the Danube all the time, but does anyone ever Kayak it all?  I think that would be an amazing experience.  Get yourself in a sea kayak and paddle the length of the Danube.  Carry all your belongings with you, find a place to camp along the river every night.  It would be a challenge for sure, but it really would be amazing.

Go Horseback Across Mongolia

Of all the adventures, this is the one I’m most likely to actually try in 2014.  I’m heading up towards Mongolia for the summer of 2014, and think that getting a horse and exploring the way the nomads do would be absolutely unreal.  It might make for some hard miles, but it would be absolutely fantastic.

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