Europe can become a bit tiresome.  Sure, it’s a great place to live and work, but there’s nothing better than a nice escape to a world of warmth or luxury.  Perhaps the best part about living in Europe is that there are so many places to escape to at the drop of a hat.  Europe really is the center of the world, and that makes it incredibly easy to get to places including my 5 places to escape Europe.



Sure, it’s a little bit far from Europe, but direct flights make a trip out to the ancient island of Zanzibar, Tanzania a perfect escape.  On the island of Zanzibar you’ll have the perfect combination of luxury and adventure at your fingertips.  Explore the incredible stone town and its narrow walkways, or just lay on the beach sipping your favourite cocktail.  Either way you want it, you can have it in Zanzibar.


Malaga is one of the most popular getaways from Europe, and for good reason.  There are plenty of really good value flights from Europe to Malaga and those who hate flying will appreciate the short distance of the flight.  Upon arrival n Malaga, visitors are spoiled by stunning landscapes, a beautiful pristine environment, incredible beaches, and some perfect weather.  There are few places better to really escape it all.

The Gambia

Well The Gambia is small, it packs a massive punch in regards to activities.  The best part is that all the activities are within close proximity.  Once could visit a sacred crocodile pond one minute and then be whisked away from a jungle foot-safari the next.  And for those who are apprehensive about language issues, they speak English in the Gambia so there should be no issues.

escape europe


Quickly turning into the most popular travel destination in the world outside Europe, Morocco is a wild adventure that never ends.  Sure, it can be a bit chaotic at times, but that’s all part of the adventure isn’t it?  Where else in the world can you learn how to charm a snake while surrounded by ancient buildings.  There’s no doubt as to why this is one of people’s favourite countries to travel to.


Tunisia used to be a much more popular destination, and among the French it still is.  However, the numbers have dropped significantly as conflict has erupted in neighbouring countries.  Still, there is no doubting that Tunisia is a worthy travel destination.  It is much more moderate and tame than the rest of the region, but still offers its share of adventure.  And if you’re not up for adventure, well, there’s always the beach.

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