Portugal is easily one of the most photogenic destinations on the planet.  Not only does it feature some of the world’s most beautiful cities, but there are also plenty of hidden gems dotted throughout the country.  From dramatic beach coves to stunning city vistas to romantic county getaways, Portugal has a little bit of everything.  All in all, it’s one of the best countries to travel to, and it should be very high on your list.

Below, I have listed 5 of my favourite places in Portugal


Mix the colonial with the beach and you get this cozy little seaside city..  It’s a brilliant resort town as well which is made obvious by the plethora of villas for rent in Algarve.  Whether the beach or the history is your draw to Algarve, I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.  Like most spots in Portugal, there’s a little bit for everyone in Algarve.


The little beach town of Lagos is starting to get a reputation as one of the best party towns in all of Europe.  In the summer months, Lagos absolutely goes off.  It’s incredible.  Beautiful people from all over the planet congregate at this fantastic town to get at least a little bit messy.  Beyond the party, Lagos has one of the most beautiful beach settings in Portugal.

sintra, door knocker


Downtown Porto is a little bit rougher than the fairy tale style town of Lisbon, but the riverfront is one of the most beautiful and dramatic in the world.  Featured by a stunning bridge and some incredibly placed houses, I’m not sure if I’ve ever enjoyed photographing a place more in my life.

porto, river


If you can only get to one place in Portugal, make it Lisbon.  This beautiful city has some of the best architecture in the world and a sleepy vibe that will make you wonder if it really is one of the world’s global cities.  Diverse and friendly, the people of Lisbon have a penchant for adventure and fun, so prep yourself for a couple glasses of drink with new friends.

lisbon, hdr


Sintra really is out of this world.  Between its colourful castles and stunning mansions, it can only inspire.  Traditionally a “rich” suburb to Lisbon, Sintra is now of the biggest tourist attractions in all of Portugal.  Give yourself at least a full day, if not two, to fully enjoy this hillside splendor.

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