When booking a holiday, more and more people are choosing to book a private airport transfer instead of going for a hire car. Here we give seven reasons why private airport transfers are better than hiring a car.

1. No fuel costs

When you book a private airport transfer, you pay the cost of the transfer and that’s it.

When you hire a car, you pay for the cost of the rental, which is partly based upon the type of car you want and then you have fuel costs on top of that, which could be just as much as the price of the rental itself.

2. No long queues

One of the most obvious benefits of private airport transfers is that your driver is waiting to take you to your car as soon as you’ve picked up your luggage.

With car hire, you’ve got to not only find the right desk, but stand in a queue until you’re seen to – a queue which, depending on the day, could easily be a dozen people long.

3. No complicated paperwork

One of the major downsides to hiring a car is it’s not simply a matter of picking up the keys and driving away, as there is a lot of paperwork to complete, covering everything from insurance through to the condition of the vehicle.

And although all of this is necessary, it’s not what you want after any flight, whether it’s two hours or twenty.

4. No need to learn the country’s Highway Code

The basics of driving a car are obviously the same in every country, but the Highway Code could be completely different. For example, did you know in most states in America you could be pulled over and fined if you travel with any alcohol in the main cabin of the car?

With private airport transfers, you’ve only got to worry about whether or not you can wait until you get to the hotel to open your Duty Free!

5. No need to drive on unknown roads

Daunting, scary, stressful – just three words to describe driving on unknown roads.

What you have to remember is that in many countries, the airport you’re arriving into could be miles away from anything, so although the roads directly around the airport are likely to be well-maintained and signposted, those between the airport and the resort could be closer to dirt tracks than asphalt roads.

6. No chance of getting lost

If you’re hiring a car, no matter if you’ve got a map or a sat nav, there’s always the chance you head down the wrong road after mis-reading the map or if your hotel isn’t recognised on the sat nav.

Exciting, perhaps, for some people, but as with the initial completing of paperwork, it’s not necessarily the perfect scenario after a lengthy flight.

7. No long journeys

The driver of your private airport transfer will have a great knowledge of the local area. They’ll know the quickest routes to get from the airport to all of the main resorts and they’ll do their best to get you to your hotel as quickly as possible.

Now even if you imagine you don’t get lost when hiring a car, you’re still likely to take the main roads, meaning your journey could work out to be considerably longer than if taken by private airport transfer.

There’s no doubt hiring a car has its place on holiday – but not when you’re trying to get from the airport to your hotel.

Pick up the phone or get online before you go, book a private airport transfer and then simply sit back and look forward to being taken to your hotel in style.


This was a guest post by Marian Jaime.  Marian is an avid traveller and tourism specialist.  Marian has travelled the world extensively and even when she is not travelling he spends his time planning his next trip.

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