A Day in my Life in Time Lapse

This is the second instalment of my efforts at time lapse videos. I thought it would be fun to show you a typical day in my life. I could have made this a lot easier than I did, especially the scenes of me getting ready for the day had I realized I could have set this up through my laptop and had the computer shoot the scene every 10-15 seconds. Instead I shot almost the entire scene with a remote trigger which I pulled every couple of seconds. We live and learn.

What I wanted to portray in this time lapse was what a typical day in my life as a writer and photographer looks like.  The only problem is that my days are never the same.  Sometimes I can spend the entire day on the computer working, the next day I might find myself on a trek or wildlife safari, and there are lots of days that I spend just sitting on a bus or boat getting from one destination to the next.

In hindsight, I probably should have chosen a destination for this that time lapse that was a little bit more exciting than Concepcion.  This town was so hot that it was no surprise to me that the locals seemed to hide indoors for most of the day. As a Canadian have a ceiling on the levels of heat I can take and the 40 degree 100% temperatures had me wishing for skiing holidays, ice cream and cold beer.

In this time lapse you will find me going for my morning walk (where I usually find my inspiration), my morning workout, getting ready, exploring town a bit and even working.  This was maybe not the most typical day in my life, but it sure beats a time lapse of a 30 hour bus ride.



Untitled from Brendan van Son on Vimeo.