A Getaway Wedding in The Caribbean

getaway wedding

In Canada there is but a small window in which the vast majority of people get married, it’s called summer. It’s rare that you’ll ever hear of a wedding outside of May to September. Who in their right mind would ever risk having their wedding on a snow day? The old saying of rain on your wedding day is bad luck takes on a whole new meaning when there is the potential for -30 weather and neck-high snow. As such it’s no wonder that so many people are taking off to places like the Caribbean for a getaway wedding.

My sister’s wedding in the Dominican Republic was a prime example of that desire to get away. Why pack your wedding dates into a summer weekend when venues have to be booked years in advance, a quick hop via a direct flight to the islands will put you in paradise where you can have your wedding and honeymoon all wrapped into one.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either. When you think of it, at home you’ll have to pay for wedding planners, venues, food, Djs, etc. When you have a getaway wedding you can really just let people take care of it. It takes the stress out of the wedding.

Moreover, having a getaway wedding allows people to join in on the fun of a honeymoon for a couple of days. What better way to spend a week than at a beautiful resort under the beautiful Caribbean sun than with your closest friends and family members. Eat, drink and tan the days away while other people worry about the details of the wedding.

Personally, I’m not all too sure why more people don’t do the getaway wedding. Escape the cold back home, enjoy great food, drinks and company and get a real adventure out of the wedding at the same time. A wedding doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be an adventure, and it should be.


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