Having spent the first half of my two month jaunt through the UK in the cities, I was beginning to become quite worn out. Sure the cities are fun; the pub culture is entertaining, there are plenty of museums to keep you busy during the day, and the architecture and other sites within the cities are beautiful as well. However, they begin to bear down on youl. The cities never stop, they continue to pound at you with their noise, and most of all you start to feel rushed by the constant pace of people going through the daily grind.

The moment I realized I was feeling just as stressed as those in the city not travelling, I knew that it was time for me to head to the countryside to get away from things a little bit.

The waterfront in Llandudno, Wales

I knew nothing about Wales, and I think that many people might argue that I still no nothing about it. But I didn’t really go to Wales looking for castles, history and stories, I went to get away for a weekend and to breathe some fresh air. I chose the North Coast not because there was anything in particular I wanted to see, but because I kept being told about how relaxing it was. I booked one of the holiday cottages UK style, which I think means quaint and cozy. It actually just reminded me a little bit of my Grandmother’s house. Regardless, it was exactly what I needed.

The tranquility of places like Llandudno and Conwy combined with the stunning beauty of the coast was exactly what I needed. For a change, I didn’t spend my days fighting to get my work done, I put my computer away and just relaxed. In the two weeks prior to North Wales I think the longest sleep I had was maybe 5 hours. In my little cottage, I managed to sleep 16 hours in just two nights, a feet that I haven’t achieved comfortably since high school.

The truth about travel is that sometimes you need to get away from the sights, you need to get away from all the travellers, and most of all you need to get away from the worry that if you’re not on the go 24/7 that you’ll miss something. If you spend your travels racing around you’ll miss moments like these, standing on the coast looking out at a beautiful sea without a worry in the world.

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