A lack of information was once the biggest obstacle when it comes to travel, with far-flung destinations being the reserve of the fortunate and informed few. The advent of the internet and social media however, has certainly served to change the landscape when it comes to travel, helping to turn the new generation of travellers into an increasingly savvy bunch.

Indeed, with 71 per cent of young people using the internet to plan their trips and over 52 per cent admitting to using social media as a useful source of travel inspiration, it’s this trend, and the ease with which information can be retrieved, that has helped to make the world a smaller and more accessible place.

The norm has categorically been subverted, with countries like Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Mexico no longer seeming so inaccessible. After all, if someone in a traveller’s social network circle has already paved the way, exploring the unknown doesn’t quite seem so daunting.

Club Med - Are young people wiser than their elders when it comes to travelling?

Young In Age But Wise in Travel – Young Travellers Infographic by Club Med

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