***Calendars for sale are no longer available except via request on my contact page***

Photo Contest!!!

I am very excited to announce the very first ever photo contest on Brendan’s Adventures.  The reason for the contest  in celebration of the launching of the new addition to my website, a photo shop.  In my shop I have a couple of photography related items for sale.  I have begun selling custom made calendars and photo books.  The ones that are listed at the moment are just the beginning, I will be constantly updating and increasing the number of items I have for sale as time goes on.  Check out the shop here.

The Calendars

The Calendars that I have created use all of my photography, but will be made specific to you the buyer to make this a

Peruvian Landscapes Calendar

little more fun.  Upon purchase you can list any special dates that you would like added to the calendar and I will plug them in.  You might want to throw in all the birth dates of your family members, personal anniversaries, or anything.  One of the calendar types that I am selling relates to the art adjusted photography that I have been doing lately: the first of the series is called “A Cartoon World.”   However, the calendars don’t always have to be my creation.  If you would like, you can send me in photos and I can create a calendar for you using your very own photographic creations.

The Photo Books

A Cartoon World Photobook

A Cartoon World

Much like the calendars these books include my very own photography.  They come in 20 page varieties and along with the photos contain descriptive articles written by me.  But for me the most exciting aspect of these books will be that a little bit more of my personality will be thrown into the mix.  I will be doing creative writing for each page of the books.  Like the calendars, if you would like you could send me a number of pictures as well and I can create a personalized photo book for you.

The Photo Contest

Over the month of November I will be running the photo contest.  To enter is simple, just email me your submissions to me at photocontest@brendansadventures.com

The Rules

  1. No Profanity
  2. No Nudity
  3. Must be Travel Related
  4. Only one submission per week (all though you can submit once a week)

How it will be judged

  1. Each Friday, starting Oct. 29th, I will be posting what I deem the top 5 photo submissions of the month.  There will be 4 weeks of submissions with the last being posted on Nov. 19th.
  2. You will then have the chance to vote for your favourite each week.  Voting will end on November 26th.
  3. Starting on November 26th I will take the winners from each week and have a final four vote for the winner with voting for the finals ending on December 3rd.
  4. On December 3rd the winner of the photo contest will be announced

The Prize

The winner of the photo contest will win 3 items:

  1. They will win a Brendan’s Adventures calendar of their choice.
  2. They will win a Custom Photo Book, filled with 20 pages of their own photographs.
  3. They will have their Custom Photo Book included in the site sales (if they would like), taking home 75% of their custom book sales profits.

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