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I get asked all the time about the photography gear I pack as a travel photographer.  Well, there’s not better way to show it all off than via video.

I think that people are most interested in the fact that my camera gear is not quite as top-end as they’d expect.  I really don’t have much money at all, and any extra disposable income I make goes directly into travel or photography gear.  I obviously have to make some concessions to get by a bit.  The things I don’t compromise on, in regards to cost, are the long lenses.  If you need to be shooting 200mm, don’t waste your time with a lens that only goes f/6.3 or f/5.6.  The one thing I keep compromising on is the body as it seems to be the most disposable aspect to my photography gear.

This is the short list of what I pack:

Now that’s obviously not a complete view of all the gear I pack with me, but rather a list of my photography gear. I also carry all sorts of accessories.
In total, my suitcase weighs 22 kilos and my camera bag that comes as a carry-on with me weights 13 kilos. That’s a solid 35 kilos or 100 pounds of photography gear.


  1. What backpack are you using?

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  2. Can you help me? In 2010 my wife and I took a cruise ship and no one wanted to get off the ship. We took a chance and fell in love with with Paraty. We went to old town on the cobble street and sidewalk. I have owned a Commercial printing company and retired. As I walked I looked in all the windows. To my surprise I noticed a letterpress made perhaps in the early 1800,s. I had to go in and met the man that was producing art prints. I would like to locate him and hoping you may know of someone that could help me.

    Perry Mundorff Danville CA

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  3. How do you like traveling with the drone? My wife and I have been wanting to buy one, but they are pretty pricey so I am trying to gather opinions before we pull the trigger!

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    • It definitely adds to the gear kit. I guess with the Mavic or Karma you’d have an easier time than with the phantom series that I travel with.

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  4. Hi Brendan – what laptop do you use for your post processing and video editing, and what program do you use for video editing? I notice you use a PC laptop rather than a MacBook Pro that most other bloggers seem to use. I’m in the market for a laptop that I can use to learn video editing, as my ancient iMac can’t cope at all. I can’t afford a MacBook Pro so am looking at a PC laptop, but despite reading and watching many various reviews, still don’t quite know what specs I really need in order to edit reasonably easily. So it would be good to hear your opinion and advice, particularly as you travel so much and need something portable, as I don’t want to have to carry around a brick.

    Sorry if you’ve already mentioned this in your vlogs – I’ve watched a lot of them about your camera gear, but haven’t seen any where you’ve mentioned your laptop.


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    • I use a Dell XPS15

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  5. Hi Brendan, I’m watching your videos from Patagonia on You tube ( ‘m subbed to your channel) which are brilliant,and wonder how you rate the tripod you used (3 legged thing Winston I think)? I’m torn between this and a Manfrotto MT055CXPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod (like that Heaton Fella uses). Appreciate any response.



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  6. Hey Brendan, I’ve loved your Patagonia trip vlogs, bring back good memories of my visit in 2009.
    What camera bag did you us? I like the back opening feature, and the relatively compact size

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