Looking to add some exposure to you website? To your business?  Advertise with “The World is my Jungle Gym” and you will be putting your ads out to hundreds of visitors each day.  Below are listed first the current month traffic stats held by “The World is my Jungle Gym” followed by a number of different options on how to use this platform to engage your audience or expose your product. For inquires or information on prices please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Google Pangrank: 5
Alexa Rank: 52,574
Twitter Followers:37.321
Facebook Fans: 5,562
Instagram Followers:  2,982

Different Advertising Opportunities
There are a number of different places in which we can place banner ads on “The World is my Jungle Gym.” Full banners can be placed at the bottom of posts and pages, half banners on the side bars, and any other types, or placements, of banner ads can be discussed as well. Fill out the contact form below if you are interested or have questions.

Guest/Sponsored Articles

I am open to placing guest and sponsored articles on  Sponsored and guest material will be labeled as such.

I am always open to the idea of testing and reviewing products that relate to travel (ipads, cameras, computer programs, outdoors equipment). If you have a product that you would like me to review, I would gladly do a sponsored review. However, it should be noted that I will give a fair assessment to the product and will not write sponsored review posts where I rave about a product, just because the post is sponsored. I’m a sell out, in terms of allowing advertisers on this site, but I will not lose my integrity.
I am also more that willing to review a certain tour, travel destination, or hotel and do one, or multiple, sponsored posts reviewing my experience. I re-iterate the previously mentioned statement. I will give fair and honest reviews, no matter how harsh the reality may be,

Press and/or Social Media Trips
If you are looking for an experienced travel writer and blogger to exposure your company, or destination, to an engaged audience I am currently accepting offers. I will consider joining media trips in the realms of: adventure travel, solo travel, group travel, photography, and luxury travel.

Destination Specific Advertising or Writing Gigs
If you would like me to advertise about your area while I’m there let me know.  Also, if you are a travel company, or magazine you may be looking for articles (including blog posts) pertaining to the areas that I will be traveling, I am a hired pen for these areas.  Over the next couple months I will be in:

Sponsoring the Top100
The top100 independent travel blogs generates over 2000 visitors each month, as such, it is a great advertising opportunity to sponsor the top100 for a week or over a month.


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