An eBook Launching Dec. 1st: and a chance for you to earn cash

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The eBook

On December 1st I am happy, and more than excited, to be launching my first ever eBook. The title of my eBook is “How to take great travel photos with your point and shoot camera.” The book is a comprehensive, yet simple, guide to learning how to get the most out of your point and shoot camera. The book’s comprehensive layout covers everything from deciding which camera to buy to shooting higher quality pictures to descriptions on how to photograph certain scenarios and subjects (wildlife, cityscapes, people, etc.) with your point and shoot camera. In sum, this book is something that just about every single person can use. Just about everyone packs along a point and shoot camera on vacation, and quite often they are disappointed with the results. This eBook will bring them to a point where they can shoot travel photos like a pro. Being a photography book, the book is littered with photos, all of which I have taken on my point and shoot camera.


The launch of the book is still about 3 weeks away.  But if you pre-order your copy you will get the book for only $9.99, the regular price will be $14.99.  Your pre-ordered copy of the eBook will be sent to the email you provide on the day of the launch, December 1st.  For more information on the book, and to find the link to purchase the pre-order you can visit the sales page by clicking here.

Being an Affiliate

I had been looking at ways to organize a way to sell the eBook, and make you all money at the same time. The idea of creating an affiliate sales team only makes sense. Being an affiliate is easy, and can make you a very large profit if done correctly. What will happen, if you would like to join, is you will be given the links via an affiliate sign-up page. On that page you will have the options of selecting a banner, or from one of the simple links. It is then up to your own creativity on how you would like to use the links. Some people may choose to write a shot article advertising the eBook, others might simple throw the banner on to their webpage’s sidebar, and others may choose to advertise their links via social media such as twitter and facebook. If someone clicks one of your links and buys a copy of the eBook, money will go directly into your pocket.

How much will I make?

Arequipa Plaza Cathedral Photo

Fairytale towers

50% of the sale, that’s right you will be making 50% of the price of the eBooks sold.  The regular price of an eBook will be $14.99.  That means you’ll be making $7.50 per sale (easy money right???).  Thus, the amount of money you make will depend on how much effort you put into promotion.  Although, even just having a banner link up on your webpage leads you to the opportunity of making some easy cash.

In fact, you can already sign up and start advertising the pre-sale of my eBook right now.  The Pre-Order copies are selling for just $9.99 which will net an easy 5 bucks. Click here to join to program now!

How will I get paid?

If you sold a book within a one month period you will be paid. There is absolutely no minimum payout. Thus, even if you only sell one book, you will still be paid your earnings. All payments will be made via paypal.

How to become a part of the team:

If you have any questions about the program please feel free to contact me by emailing

If you’re already sold on the idea Join my eBook Affiliate Program Now!

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