A girl in Annai, Guyana
Annai Girl - Click to Enlarge

Annai Girl: The Daily Travel Photo

A girl in Annai, Guyana
Annai Girl – Click to Enlarge

Annai Girl: The Daily Travel Photo


The Set Up

I headed from Georgetown to the small town of Annai, Guyana.  I was treated to an eye opening experience by an expat who has set up an incredible resort in the Savannah.  I will be writing quite a bit about the resort, Rockview, in coming weeks as my time there well exceeded my expectations.  There is a really interesting symbiotic relationship that has developed between the resort and the indigenous people in the region, and it is one of those places that seems to give hope due to its existence alone.  I learned a lot at Rockview Resort and in the community of Annai, Guyana and I can’t wait to share that experience with you all.  This photo was taken in the community of Annai where I was given the opportunity to explore a little bit as well as interview the town’s council leader.

The Shot

Sometimes people turn an image black and white to hide the fact that there were technical errors like blown out skies.  However, this photo of the girl from Annai that wasn’t the case.  The reason I chose this unsaturated image was because I wanted to bring out the subject a little more.  She was such a colourful subject and I wanted to make sure that she was seen as the main character of my scene.  What I did to create this effect was quite simple and only took about 10 minutes to do.  Simply, I used  tool in photoshop which allowed me to reduce the saturation of colours in the image without the exception of the girl.  I then boosted the vibrance of her belt to make it really stand out.  I am really happy in how it turned out.

What did I miss?

My latest article went viral yesterday which is always lots of fun.  If you haven’t read it yet you should check it out.  “The Only Gringo on the Boat.”

Coming up…

Sometimes when we travel to somewhat dangerous places, dangerous things happen to us.  We do what we can to prevent them, but in some cases we just find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.  In Wednesday’s article I will be reliving the time I was shot at in Nicaragua.