Announcing my New Food Travel Channel

Hello out there in travel land,

This is just a bit of an announcement that I’ve started yet another YouTube channel.  Well I’ll still be publishing pretty hard on It’s my Life 365, I’m pretty excited about this new channel since I finally have someone helping me out with it.  Tiffany will be manning the camera for me a bit, she’ll also be putting herself in some of the shots as well, which is fun!

Basically, this is a bit of a foodie travel channel, and I think you all will like it.  The channel is called “Eating In…” and we’ll be showing off a couple of the meals we eat in each destination we travel.  Unlike my It’s my Life 365 videos, this channel will be a little less raw and edited a little bit harder.  I think it’s a cool format and I’d love your feedback on it.

Anyways, on to the first video, which was shot in Berlin.  If you’re a YouTuber, there’s a subscription button below in case you want to follow along with us!