Antarctica: a Preview

Antarctica: a Preview Video

So as most of you know I just got back from Antarctica yesterday after an amazing expedition trip with the great people at Peregrine Adventures.  We are working to start throwing some posts your way, but I thought I’d give you a video preview of what’s to come.  Before the video, there is a bit of a list of some of the articles that will be coming your way in the near future.   Also, there will be a photo posted nearly every day!

Coming up:

How to Pack for Antarctica, Surviving the Drake, Exploring the South Shetland Islands, The Mystery of Deception Island, How to Swim in Antactica (video), Reaching the 7th Continent, Ice, Penguins, and much more…

Here is a quick preview video to give you a bit of a taste:

Untitled from Brendan van Son on Vimeo.