Photo of the Week: Arequipa at Night




Arequipa at night


Arequipa has one of the nicest downtown plaza’s in all of South America.  And let me tell you that there’s a lot of competition out there: Lima, Cusco, Quito, Buenos Aires, etc.  Actually, according to some poll numbers, Arequipa’s plaza is rated second in all of South America, only Maracaibo, Venezuela is rated to be more beautiful.  At night, the plaza lights up in a bold colour of bright yellow as the vibrancy of the plaza continues until late into the evening.  People stand and chat about politics, life, and football.  Couples don’t worry about public displays of affection as they cuddle up on park benches.  And vendors holler out at passer-byers as sell candies, chocolates, and drinks.  The Plaza de Armas here in Arequipa is full of life, and rarely sleeps.

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