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So far my Southeast Asia adventure has been a mixed bag, but overall it’s been a good experience.  The one thing I’ve liked most is that unlike many of the places I’ve travelled in the past, there are loads of people that have come through this part of the world.  It’s nice having that common conversation about places with other travellers, and readers.

I know, I know, this is Phnom Penh, not Bangkok. But, I've still not arrived in Bangkok!

I know, I know, this is Phnom Penh, not Bangkok. But, I’ve still not arrived in Bangkok!

I’ve been humbled too by a number of people asking if I was running another one of my photography workshops here in Southeast Asia, but the truth is I’ve been far too busy to plan anything.

However, since I now have some free-ish time in Thailand, I thought I’d do another one.

Thus, the point of this article, is to announce that on March 23rd I’ll be running a full day photo tour of Bangkok.

Bangkok Photography Walk Itinerary

1) 1030am – Meet in Silom near on Soi Convent

We’ll be meeting at the entrance to Soi Convent, near the BTS Sala Daeng Station.  There, I’ll go over some of the plan for the day with you, we’ll do introductions and we’ll talk a little bit about photography.  From there, we’ll walk down one of the best food streets in Bangkok and we’ll do a mix of food photography and people photography.

2) 12pm – Lunch Break

After about an hour photographing food, I’m sure you’ll want some.  At noon, we’ll stop taking pictures for a bit and eat for 30-45 minutes.

3) 12:45 – Transit to the Royal Palace

We’ll take the train down to the river before jumping on a boat to the Grand Palace.  The riverfront is such a great perspective of a city, and from the boat itself, you might be able to capture some exciting images.

We hope to be there around 1:30-2pm.

4) 2pm – Royal Palace

Part of travel photography is about shooting the right light.  However, unlike many forms of photography, we don’t have the luxury of waiting for crowds to dissipate and the good light.  Places like the Royal Palace close at 3:30pm just as the light is getting good.  So, I’ll show you the trick to shooting cool images in the harsh midday light.  We’ll work on things like photographing the details around us, HDR photography, and using people to your advantage.

Photo of the Grand Palace in Bangkok by By Andy Marchand

Photo of the Grand Palace in Bangkok by By Andy Marchand

5) 3:30 – 4:30 – Break time &/or Photo editing Workshop

After the Royal Palace, you’ll be free for an hour to recover, grab a coffee, or just chill out under a tree.

For those interested, however, I’ll be bringing along my laptop and giving a quick tutorial on my photo editing workflow.  I’ll also run you through what the different features of various photo editing software actually means.  This time will also be used to answer any questions you might have.

6) 5:30 – Sunset/Dusk over Bangkok

We’ll use this time to photograph sunset and the blue hour.  First, I’ll show you the art of photo scouting. Then we’ll shoot a couple locations. Potential locations  include Wat ArunWat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit, the bridges over the river, and the waterfront.  I’ll show you how to use various filters, and how to get the most out of the day’s best light.

7) 7:30pm – Night street photography on Khao San Road

The backpacker’s district might be a bit of a zoo, but it makes for some cool photos.  I’ll show you how to capture this side of travel photography.  Night photography is often the most difficult technically, but also the most rewarding when done right.

By 8:30pm we’ll call it a day!

What’s Included in the Bangkok Photo Walk

  • Basically, just me and my knowledge.
  • I’ll be around to help you out and show you the way.
  • If you’re shooting Canon, you’ll also be able to use some of my gear if you’d like.
  • We can also talk about the professional side of things: how to sell photography, what is required, where to sell, etc.

What’s not Included in the Bangkok Photo Walk

  • Transport: You’ll need to get yourself to the meeting point and home afterwards.  You’ll also have to cover local transport, but we’ll be doing that all via skytrain and public transport, it shouldn’t be expensive at all.
  • Food: You’ll have to foot your own bill for lunch and dinner.
  • Entrance to the Grand Palace: Cost is 500 Baht.

What you Need to Bring

  • Do not forget the appropriate clothing for the Palace:  Flip-flops are not allowed, nor are shorts that do not cover your knees, skirts, and sleeveless shirts.  If possible, just pack a long sleeve shirt and light, loose fitting trousers, and shoes to avoid being denied entry.
  • Your Camera and Gear: You don’t need a fancy camera to do this trip.  I’ve written a book on shooting travel photography with a point and shoot, you’ll be fine.  Hell, even if you just bring a smartphone with a good camera, I’ll show you how to get the best out of it.
  • Tripod: If you have one, bring it. If you don’t and want one. In my opinion, this is the best tripod for travel.
  • Good Walking Shoes: It’s not necessary, but we will be on our feet a lot, bring whatever you’re most comfortable in.

Cost of the Bangkok Photo Walk

I’m not trying to turn a massive profit from this thing, so it’s not expensive.  I’m just asking for $10USD or 320 Baht.

It should also be noted that I’ll be limiting the numbers to a maximum of 12 people.  You will not have a massive crowd of people around you.  I’ll run the tour with a minimum of 2 people.  If there’s more than 12 people, we might bring in a special guest photographer, if there’s interest.

How to Pay

  • Paypal or Credit Card: Best way to get booked is to pay by paypal or credit card.  This is the only way to 100% confirm a spot on the photo walk.

Book with paypal or Credit Card here.

  • Pay on site: You can pay on site upon the start of the tour, but I can’t 100% confirm you until the 22nd of March.

To book by paying on side, email me with the subject heading of “Photo Walk” to Brendanvanson <at> gmail <dot> com

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