Photo by: Paul Prescott

Berlin is a city that I’ve wanted to visit long before it began to garner its reputation as the hipster capital of Europe. There is something about these cities that have great histories of revolutionary sentiments. These cities that have gone through hardship in their histories almost always seem to develop a rich art culture and the cities often develop around that feel. That is the case of Berlin.

When the wall came down in Berlin people obviously knew that the influence of the west would begin to drip into the spirit of the city, however, what many didn’t realize was that a completely unique culture would instead evolve.

Many people visit Berlin with the intention of stopping in to see the wall, a couple other tourist destinations, and then leave. However, those who travel for a living spend a couple days in the city before we start thinking about checking out the prices to rent Berlin apartments. The city is that infectious.

There are a lot of cities like that in Europe, ones that simply grab you by the hand and beg your to stay, but I’m not sure there is one that manages such a death grip to the wrist of as many foreigners as Berlin does. There really is no wonder why this city has become the expat hideout in Germany. The international community is quickly becoming enthralled with the unique arts scene that has developed here.

So if you’re a traveller and you’re on your way to Berlin, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t bother planning on staying just a couple days, you’re probably going to end up staying a whole lot longer.

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