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Keith’s popular blog “Traveling Savage” has been a main stay on the Top 100 Indy Travel Websites list, and is the first site that will be exposed by the latest series on The World is my Jungle Gym called “Blog Exposure.”

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The Traveling Savage is a refreshing travel blog taking an aim at aspects of travel well beyond the usual destination guides.  Instead, Keith tends to write about the other aspects of travel, the aspects which in reality may actually bemore important than the actual destinations.  He looks at the psychological, sociological, emotional, and philosophical intricacies involved in travel.  In a recent post “Is Your Vision Getting Blurry” Keith talks about how one’s vision, including his own can lose it’s focus on their specific live goals. He writes “I’m not talking about your eyesight, I’m talking about your vision. You know, that secret path leading to the promised land, your ultimate goal. (….) Yesterday, I was legally blind.” It is such an honest appraisal of the focus that one needs to maintain to achieve their goals, and how easy it is to lose focus.  It was impossible to read this article and not feel inspired.

The focus of Keith’s eye catching blog is motivation; finding ways to push yourself and others in the direction your heart want you to go.  This is an area of not only travel, but also of live, where we could all use a little help, and although Keith often talks about his own motivations, it’s hard not to find your own inspiration in his words.

5 Questions with Keith

Keith from

1. What was the first place, overseas, you traveled to?
Dublin, Ireland. Where else would two guys fresh out of college go?

2. If you had to sit on a bus with one celebrity for 12 hours who would it be?
Viggo Mortensen. The guy is a creative genius and seems like an interesting and all-around nice guy.

3. Other than home, if you were forced to choose 1 and only 1 place to visit before dying where would it be?
Scotland, probably somewhere on one of the islands. I’m lucky to have already spent so much time there, but it’s got my heart and I keep returning trying to get it back.

4. What’s your favourite fun destination name?
Barf, England. I haven’t been there and can’t say it’s on my list of places to visit.

5. What is your favourite “food” destination?
I really loved the food in Granada, Spain. Tapas are delicious, and the food is inflected with North African influences.

Author Bio:

My name is Keith Savage. I’m a traveler, writer, and explorer. I’m afflicted by a terminal case of curiosity and hopelessley addicted to learning. I’ve got the old American dream: a house in the suburbs, a two car garage, gadgets and gizmos galore. Somehow it’s just not that dreamy. It’s a comfortable, safe, predictable life, but it leaves little room for fire, passion, and excitement. And I’m tired of making excuses for their absence. Late this fall I toss the template out the window and embark on an unorthodox couple of years traveling and writing.

Most days, I’m blogging at Traveling Savage, which has become a travel blog dedicated to exploring the psychological, emotional, and philosophical impact of travel.

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