As you know, I’m much more of an adventure traveller than I am a luxury or packaged traveller.  However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s possible to combine the two.  Mixing a bit of luxury and adventure makes for some incredible fun to some destinations that few people still visit.  These are my top 5 best adventure cruise destinations of 2014.

Espanola Island - Gardner Bay-89

5. The Danube River

If you’re looking for a more subdued adventure, there are quite a few enjoyable river cruises throughout Europe.  For me, the best of those river cruises would be the Danube since you’re likely to get a little bit more adventure mixed in with stops in places like Budapest.  Also, this is a great option if you don’t have a whole lot of time to travel and want to see a lot.  You sleep as the boat moves, and wake up everyday in a new destination.

4. Greenland

I have a good feeling that Greenland is going to be the big cruise travel destination of 2014.  If Antarctica was the big destination of 2013, then look out for people looking to continue to push to places still not over-travelled.  Greenland offers travellers a heap of adventure and the best adventure cruises will make sure you have loads of great excursions both on land an water.  Be prepared to spend some time on zodiacs looking for whales, or hiking the rugged coastlines.  Look out Greenland, the cruises are coming.

3. South Georgia Island

If one place on the planet is bound to get some spill over from the many travellers starting to flock Antarctica, it’s likely South Georgia Island.  People often head to Antarctica in search of penguins, and the best ones are actually off the white continent and actually over on South Georgia Island.  Moreover, these are the big penguins like emperor and the king penguins.  If you’re dream is to stand in the middle of 40,000 3-foot tall penguins, this is the adventure cruise for you.

2. South Pacific

Though I loved my trip to Antarctica, I’m much more of a warm weather human being.  I loved the Caribbean, and would like to spend some time on adventure cruises in the South Pacific as well.  For me, an adventure cruise off the Cook Islands or places like Fiji sound like a dream come true.  And well most people do their cruising in the Caribbean, I think the South Pacific is actually a much more exciting cruising destination.  Look for it to get popular with adventure cruise enthusiasts in 2013.

1. The Galapagos

Fact: The Galapagos Islands are amazing.  Sure, they are touristed, but they are still great value and you still feel a great sense of nature since the park is so well regulated.  An average day on an adventure cruise through the Galapagos includes some snorkeling, hiking, and maybe even a swim off the boat with some hammerhead sharks.  Such an amazing place.

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