They say that there is nowhere in the world that’s easier to travel than Western Europe.  For those of us who travel in search of great adventures, it can be a bit bland at times.  However, what we so often learn in world travel is that there is more than one way to cross a map.  From conventional to absolutely mad, here are some of the ways that people have travel through the UK over the years.

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Aside from driving a car, taking the train through the UK is about as conventional as it gets.  Train lines join basically every destination in the region and taking the train is likely the quickest way through.  Personally, I love train travel and love few things more than watching the world go by from the seat of a train.


You’ll need to be a bit wild to hitchhike in the UK, although its completely possible.  People are quite wary of hitchhikers in the UK, however, thanks to a number of horror stories involving both those who pick up hitchhikers and those who thumb.  Still, if you’re looking for a random adventure, this is the way to go.


It’s almost a sport amongst Europeans, Caravaning.  When summer rolls around they hop into their home on wheels and roll around to any one of them many Caravan holiday parks in the region.  It’s a great way to travel, though, especially for families and retired couples who want to keep everything together as they move around.

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Though it might seem crazy to some, hundreds of people actually cycle the length of the UK each year.  In fact, it’s actually possible to cycle from Ediburgh to London in just over a week if you are quick!


Although it’s much more of an Italian thing, scootering is actually picking up in popularity in the UK.  Of course, most that scooter in the UK just do so to rip around their cities.  However, if you’re looking for a bit of adventure, get yourself a scooter and cruise through some of those beautiful windy country roads.


I don’t recommend it walking the entire UK however, there are quite a few people who have done it.  However, there are plenty of brilliant walks throughout the region.  In particular, the hiking along the coast of Wales are absolutely superb.

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