It is with great excitement I reveal one of my projects: an online travel magazine for independent travellers.

I would like to present you to Vagabundo Travel Magazine

The Inspiration

Interesting projects and opportunities seem to have come and gone through my email inbox and conversations at a rapid pace over the past year.  Many of those projects disappeared as fast as they arrived.  To be quite honest, I had become frustrated with the lack of progress made.  At the end of the day, I decided that sometimes it’s best to just put yourself out there and do something that is really meaningful to you.  I once dreamed of publishing my own work in a magazine, and now I have the opportunity to create one, how amazing is that?

The Goal of Vagabundo


I am very lucky to have been given opportunities in the travel writing world.  From the first people that published my work well before Brendan’s Adventures became popular, to the hundreds of thousands of people that have read my words and looked at my photos right here.  Creating the magazine is a way that I feel I can give back, it is a way that I can maybe give people some of the similar opportunities that I was lucky enough to be granted in the beginning.  Vagabundo Magazine isn’t for me, it is for the thousands of other people in the world who find inspiration, sanctuary and personal growth from travel.  Vagabundo is meant to be an outlet for those who have done incredible things, and a place of inspiration of those who dream of doing incredible things.

What is an Online Travel Magazine and How it will Work

An online magazine is exactly as it sounds; it is a magazine published online.  The articles are written by travel writers, photographers, and everyday travellers.  The articles won’t be found in print.  There will be a quartlerly eMagazine that will be available on kindle and in eBook form.  More on that later. Below I have listed the ways in which you can receive content from Vagabundo Magazine.

    • Daily Content: There will be five articles published a week as well as an “Editor’s Note” that will come from me.  Articles, of which I have already received a number of will fall under headins such as: off the beaten track travel, adventure travel, travel stories, misadventure stories, volunteering/conservation articles, photography, and destination features.  If you wish to receive daily content the best way to do so is by subscribing to the RSS feed here and you will receive full articles and photos direct to your feed.

      The eMagazine first cover is in the works

    • Weekly “Quick Mag”: The free weekly “Quick Mag” is a great way to catch up.  Each Sunday subscribers will receive a Vagabundo Quick Mag to their email inbox.  It will include excerpts from the articles for the week, the image of the week, a quick editor’s note, and information about the week to come.  You can sign up for the Quick Mag below.  Signing up will mean that the first published eMagazine will be free of charge to you.  You can sign up below.

  • Quarterly eMagazine: Think eBook meets magazine.  The eMagazine will feature articles not found on the website.  Of course, the best articles (between 5 and 7) will be reserved for the eMagazine.  The magazine will also include some of the best articles from the quarter that passed.  About 12-20 articles bundled up in a nice little package.  Each quarter the eMagazine will be sent to newly subscribed readers of the Quick Mag. It will also be available for sale via PDF (0.99$) and as a download to your kindle (1.49$).  The first eMagazine will be available at the end of December.

Writing for Vagabundo

I contribute

If you are interested in writing for Vagabundo we are looking for your submissions.  As I mentioned at the top of this announcement, I have been granted a lot of opportunities in this industry.  One thing, however, that always got on my nerves is how editors were unwilling to give a quick critique of my work if they denied it.  As such, I promise that myself, and anyone that eventually takes over the editor’s position, will always respond to submissions with an honest appraisal and hopefully some guidance as to how to improve the article.

I know you’re all wondering if we’re paying for articles, right? Yes, you will be paid for published material. For the moment, the writers will be paid for directly out of my pocket, so earnings for articles are nowhere near extravagant.  To see more information about the pay and submitting an article check out the submission guidelines for Vagabundo Magazine.

How you can help me out

No project is built by one man, and I have already received a lot of help by some very good friends.  The success of this project will be directly linked to your support.  I can use help from anywhere I can get it, but I have listed some ways you can help me out to give you some ideas.  Thank you in advance.

  • Be on the look out for the first eMagazine at the end of December.
  • Like the Magazine on facebook: (I will be giving away a free photo print to one fan of the Vagabundo facebook page).
  • Follow on Twitter:!/VagabundoTravel
  • Go to our site and give it a thumbs up on Stumble Upon:
  • If you have a website we would love for you to put out a call for writers for us.  Or even just a mention of the launch.
  • Write for us:

What now?

Now is the fun part.  We have some great articles lined up already.
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