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People travel for a variety of different reasons.  Some do it to gain a different world perspective, others because they want to explore, and some just need to get away from the rat race of the 9 to 5 life.   My feature this week on Blog Exposure probably fits the mold of all three of the aforementioned travel types.  Cathy Brown of Expat Daily News South America and Central America.  Puts together daily features about life in Latin America.  The beauty of the work that Cathy puts together isn’t just that she places her own perspective into the webpage, but she takes all sorts of different perspectives and never discriminates against a point of view.  It’s true that Expat Daily News mainly caters to the growing population of foreigners whom have decided to move down south and live off the land.

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However, as I quickly learned after first hearing about Expat Daily News, the page can easily draw the attention of readers from all different travel roots.  Moreover, even though the pages are Latin America specific, the ideas and sentiments that are portrayed in the articles here can be related to by just about anyone traveling or living abroad.  If you don’t subscribe to the Expat Daily News yet, you probably should.

5 Questions with Cathy

1. Other than home what’s you’re one favourite place on earth?

The open road.  Hitchhiking in cultures that are friendly and open to it.  In South America my experience has been that the majority of people go out of their way to connect with you and help you out in any way possible.  And I love not having a clue where I will end up that day or with whom,  knowing that each day is a surprise and an adventure.

2. What’s the one travel destination that you disliked most, and you’re not allowed to say none?

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Cozumel.  I had to go there for a wedding.  But to be fair, I was staying in a fancy resort watching cruise ships roll in, which is not my style.  The one day I rented a Jeep and drove around the island and got away from tourists, I was fine and thought it was quite beautiful.

3. What is your favourite wildlife travel destination?

Patagonia and the Amazon are tied.

4. Can you remember one specific landscape view that made you say wow? Where was it?

The top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  It blew my mind that I was standing on glacier thousands of feet thick, in the middle of Africa.

5. What was the first place overseas that you traveled too?


Bio: Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown

I was bored as hell and slowly going crazy, living the “American dream” in a conservative suburb in the Midwest.  The best plan I could come up with to save my sanity, and to give my kids the adventurous childhood that I always wanted to give them, was to sell, give away, or throw away everything and buy one way tickets to Buenos Aires.  It made perfect sense at the time, somehow!  Never mind the fact that I didn’t know Spanish, had never been to Argentina, nor did I have a house, savings, or job lined up…..But it has since worked out well.  After living for a year (I call it my US detox) in the middle of nowhere in a tiny cabin in Patagonia, we now live in wine country in Mendoza.

Why I blog:  My blogs are expat blogs, for people living or wishing to live in Latin America.  I love to help inspire people to make changes in their life that they may have been wanting to for a while, and I love to support those of us who were bold enough to move away. My reasons for blogging may be a little selfish too.  I have a huge sense of wanderlust, and two of my three kids don’t necessarily share that.  My dream of hitting the road gypsy-style needs to be balanced with some sort of stability for them at the moment.  So considering that I can not meet as many people in real life through travels as I would like right now, blogging is my way to meet people all over Latin America!  Virtual travel!

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