You Book Your Flights Online, But Parking?

Those of us who travel a lot generally book a lot of our travel related purchases online.  The internet is

Airport Parking

a great resource for finding the lowest prices for flights, rental cars, and accommodation.  But did it ever occur to you that you could potentially book your airport parking for your car online as well?  We use the internet to search our options on the prices of flights and hotels, but it never really occurs to us that we can do the same for our parking, but why?  Why pay huge amounts of money for airport parking when you could potentially get a great deal by booking online?  Luckily, there are now some services popping up that allow us to do just that.

One of these booking services is run by Holiday Extras whose website makes it very easy to search for not only the lowest price, but the one that is closest as well.  Simply pick your budget, the maximum distance from the airport and you will be given a return of the best deals within your search parameters.  For example, say you are searching for Heathrow Airport Parking you can simply browse over to their service and search for the best possible deal on your airport parking, whether it be long term or short term.  They are so certain of the power of their service that they offer a best price guarantee  where if you can find the same deal for a cheaper price you’ll get your parking free.

Beyond the basic benefit of being able to search out prices and locations before leaving for the airport this great service also provides customer reviews on each parking location.  Also, the website offers a maps and directions assistant which should make finding your parking location all the more simple.  Looking for Heathrow Hotels?  Holiday Extras can do that for you as well.    Access to travel insurance, care hires, and airport lounges can also be found on their website.

Personally, I had never thought of the idea of pre-booking airport parking – let alone doing it online – but in reality for those of us who travel on a budget any type of savings we can make is a good thing.  As we become more reliant on our use of the internet, services like this one continue to show up allowing us to become more and more efficient.  Will there soon be a point that we book and buy absolutely everything travel related online?  Maybe.  Booking your airport parking online may seem like overkill to many, but the monetary savings and hassle of searching for a space when you get near the airport makes this service more that worth the effort.

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