After going back and forth on how I was going to make the most of the AIR MILES that American Express provided me with to test drive their AIR MILES Platinum Credit Card, I decided that I was going to get the best value using it for a car rental on my roadtrip across the US.

I’m currently driving from Phoenix to Miami over a two week span, and I saved a small fortune using my AIR MILES to cover the cost of the car rental. It wouldn’t take long to save up enough AIR MILES for this trip earning one mile every $10 I spent at AIR MILES sponsors and on spending at gas, grocery and drugstores. I also earn one mile every $15 spent everywhere else. By using just over 2,000 AIR MILES, I managed to save about $1,000.

Obviously, renting a car is only one of the many things that you spend your AIR MILES on. But personally, I think that it is one of the best value choices and you can rent from a number of different rental car agencies through AIR MILES. All I needed to do to book this trip was call AIR MILES, give them the details of my trip, and they then searched out the best option for me. I only had to book the car a couple days in advance as well so it wasn’t like I needed to do an extensive amount of planning. When I arrived at the rental car agency, there were no hassles or confusion — I signed the papers, jumped in my little Mazda, and started driving east.

This road trip is one I’ve always wanted to give a shot, but I have never had the funds to do it on my own. With the help of a card like the American Express AIR MILES Platinum Credit Card, you can earn rewards on your everyday spending and use them to make your dream travel adventure a reality.

So far, I’ve crossed from Phoenix through New Mexico and into Texas. The roads have been smooth, but the hours have been very long. I’ve seen the great Saguaro Cactus of the southern deserts, the amazing white sands of New Mexico, the aliens at Roswell, and the great windmills of West Texas, and I’m sure that there’s much more to come. I’ve seen America as can only be seen through the eyes of a road tripper. What a rewarding experience.

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