Buenos Aires: An Evening in Time Lapse

This is something I’ve always wanted to try. I don’t have any fancy equipment like a tripod slider, and the travel tripod I have is on its last legs. I think you’ll notice that as the evening moves along the time lapse improves, this is simply based on the fact that I was learning as I was going.

What am I about to see?

I took this time lapse in a much different manner than you may be used to seeing. I shot this over a dozen locations in Buenos Aires from 6pm until 9pm. I had absolutely no plan other then that I was going to walk around the city and see what came up.  I even shot myself in a couple of spots, see if you can catch me. In this video I shot steady time lapses, panning lapses, zooming lapses, in and out of focus lapses, and even one that I shot from my eye as I was walking through a construction site. I think that in the end it turned out really cool. I will be trying this again in the future now knowing the tricks to use.



How did you do this?

I shot on JPEG mode and just fired away. Early on I was shooting once every second or so, but later on I just held the camera and fired away in continuous shot mode. Later, I put all the pictures into movie maker and had each picture show for between 0.1 and 0.2 seconds, with a couple exceptions where I lengthened for dramatic purposes. The result is 986 pictures shown in around 3 minutes