I spent a little bit too much time in Livingstone, Zambia, in the end.  I got an email saying that I had to make it all the way to Swakopmund, Namibia in just a week for an assignment, and since I had been dragging my feet I really had to race to get there.  Basically, I had to get from Livingstone all the way across Namibia in a week.  The total journey was about 1600km on the scooter that was hardly functional at this point.  Essentially, I travelled from the lush region of Livingstone, along the Caprivi, then across the Namibian highlands and then across the Kalahari in just a week.  It was insane, and much wilder than it might seem on film.

On this 3 day episode, I crossed the Caprivi Strip section of the journey, and had some cool experiences as I did so.  Obviously, I would have liked to stay longer on the Caprivi, but with time being a problem, I really had to motor.  Along the way, I stopped at a couple cool places.  My first night, I stayed at a cool little cabin at a place called Caprivi River Lodge.  The grounds were overrun with vervet monkeys.  The place was also right on the river which offered amazing views for sunset.  I spent the second night at the quirky campground/lodge of Ngepi, which was so much fun.  However, my night there was restless as loud hippos who were wandering through my campsite all night kept me awake.

I ended the trip across the Caprivi Strip at a hotel near Rundu, Namibia.  The following day, I start my push all the way across Namibia in hopes of making it to Swakopmund in time.  Some mechanical issues are sure to make it interesting.  Stay tuned.

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