When it comes to booking a holiday, it can be a tricky decision to decide what you want. There are so many exciting locations to take a break in and you may come across the dilemma of choosing a city break or skiing holiday, both of which have their pros and cons.

When evaluating whether to take a bustling city break or an adrenaline-fuelled skiing holiday, there are many things to consider.


Learning the slopes

If you are considering a skiing break over a city break, remember that with a skiing holiday you need to have the skills to take part in the sport itself, whereas you need no such ability for a city break. Skiing can be fantastic fun, but it also doesn’t necessarily come naturally to all people. If you can take lessons at the start of the holiday, it will help you gain the basic skills early on, so you can improve over the course of the holiday.

With a skiing holiday, it is also important to consider that you will need equipment to go skiing, so you need to evaluate whether equipment hire or purchasing all the gear will be cheaper. If you do decide to buy your own equipment before you travel and don’t find skiing to your taste, then it can be an expensive business, so make sure you’re confident in your investment.


Out and about

There are so many great cities all over the world and it is well worth exploring as many as possible. Whilst a skiing resort is often in one place or over a particular area, a city break can be filled with crowds of people and fascinating buildings. This means it can take a little research just to get around.

A big difference between a city break and a skiing holiday is that in a ski resort there may be a limited amount of restaurants and nightlife venues, whereas in a city, the possibilities for food and entertainment are endless.

Weather or not!

Weather can limit activities in both scenarios. In a ski resort, very little snow can mean that skiing becomes difficult. In a city, too much snow can make travelling around extremely difficult. In most ski resorts, you can generally expect snow at specific times of the year, which will affect the time of year at which you travel. In a city however, you can go pretty much year round.

There are so many options for both skiing trips and city breaks from The Co-operative Travel that it is always worth taking a look at the deals on offer for whatever holiday you choose.

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