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I think that you should know before reading this post that I will gain a little bit of commission if you use the product that I am about to endorse. However, I think it’s equally important to note that I am not being paid to draw your attention to the product, I am just simply enamoured with it.  I understand, however, if you don’t read beyond this point.

Get Clicky, or Clicky Stats, is a site analytics, much like google analytics, but does a much better job of covering the bases of analytics and does so in a manner that will help better you better understand your base of followers. I started out by using get clicky only because I was looking for another site to draw statistics from. After my free trial ran up, and I lost some of the best features I quickly upgraded to pro (probably the best value) and I’ve been having fun with it ever since. Listed below are some of the great features included in Clicky Stats.

Tracking of outgoing links

If you are running any sort of advertising or affiliate program on your site I’m sure you’ll be intrigued to find

Easy to follow dashboard

out if people are actually clicking on those ads, and who they are. With the pro version of get clicky you can trace exactly which links people are clicking on, and trace just about anything to do with the person that has clicked that link. Of course, like google analytics, you can also tell where clicks into your site are being sent from. However, another great feature is that you can set up a landing site to check how efficient your ads are one other sites.


The spy feature is about as addictive as video slots, and you become hooked if you’re not careful. But with this feature you can tell if someone is on your site at any specific moment. You can also tell what country they’re from, what page they are on, how they arrived to your site, and so much more. Also, if they’ve ever made a comment on your site, rather than a IP Address, the name that they posted under will appear. It’s almost creepy how accurate and up to the second this feature works.

Spy feature

Real Time Analytics

Unlike many of the other search analytics out there Get Clicky is not only up to the minute, but up to the second. It basically runs perfectly to the second, with very little lag. This will allow you to constantly evaluate information rather than evaluating information that is recieved in chunks.

Twitter Search

This great feature allows you to create a search of a certain product or topic. This lets you track how many people are talking about a certain product, such as GAP Adventures, in real time so that you could respond to your clients possible questions as quickly as possible without having to continually search on Twitter’s own search box.

Breakdown of Sources

Very simply Get Clicky breaks down the sources of your traffic into the categories of Social Media, Direct, Links, Searches, Email, and RSS readers. This will give you a great idea of which sources have been the most effective in drawing traffic to your site.

Link Shortener

Although most people who use twitter use a url shortner, one comes with get clicky. allows you to shorten any link you’d like. What’s more is that you can also set up your own personalized links. For example

The truth is that there are dozens of different functions available on Get Clicky, and if you use these features properly you will be successful in understanding the demographic of your visitors and use this information to further draw visitors. Above all the aforementioned reasons, Get Clicky is easy to use and navigate. The beauty too is that everyone is given an affiliate link, so that even if they sign up for Pro, as I did, they can quickly pay that off in affiliate sign ups, as I am hoping to do! Get Clicky lets you usetheir pro features for free for the first 30days, however, I’m sure that most will just turn right in and upgrade as it is well worth the price. Be warned, however, that Clicky Stats might be the most addictive analytics program on the web, you may find yourselves simply watching the numbers go up and down as the day goes on. Enjoy!

You can check out clicky stats by clicking here.

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