Easily one of my favourite hostels on my Europe trip, Clink78 combines the best of all worlds.  It has the size and capacity of the big chain hotels which allows for loads of opportunities to meet people and have some fun, it has the feel and comfort of a small hostel, and it has one of the best atmospheres of any hostel in England.  In fact, while staying at Clink78 I almost felt like I was back in my freshman year of University; it has that kind of community vibe.

Clink78 is situated in an old courthouse in London’s King Cross district.  This courthouse was actually the site of the trail of “The Clash”.  As such, the hostel takes a rock and roll theme centered around the famous band.  Staying at Clink78 in London becomes much more than a simple stay at a hostel, but an experience in itself.

The Rooms

The rooms at Clink78 are fine.  There is nothing too flashy about them, but there is also not a whole lot to complain about.  I stayed in one of the private rooms and although I didn’t have an ensuite I did have a sink and mirror right in my room.  There are multiple bathrooms and showers on each floor so you’ll never have to wander far to use the facilities.  The dorms have plenty of space and all the security measures that you need.

Score: 90

Atmosphere and Fun

I don’t think there was a better hostel in all of Europe for me in regards to atmosphere.  Very few hostels become attractions in their own right, but this one does.  Guest wander around the hostel taking pictures as soon as they arrive, and that is really cool to see.  The vibe alone of this place makes it worth a stay.

Score: 100

The Facilities

There is absolutely nothing missing here in terms of facilities.  The only slight issue I have is that there is no wifi in the rooms.  However, one of the old courtrooms has been converted into a tv room and is a great place to get online.  Who wouldn’t want to check some emails from a trial bench once sat on by members of the clash?  The website still says that internet isn’t free, however I was there on the first day of the change and wifi is now free.  There is also a big computer room.

You’ll find all the kitchen facilities you’ll ever need as well.

The hostel also comes fit with a nice bar which is busy every night of the week and serves some nice and cheap drinks.

Score: 95

The Staff

Generally, at places of this size the staff isn’t as good as the smaller places.  However, the staff was great.  They were very helpful on my arrival and I noticed that they offered the same treatment to all guests that arrived.  At night there is a security guard in the lobby to make sure nothing gets out of hand as well which I think is very good for a place like this.

Of course, you’re not going to get the same very personal service as you would when staying at a 20 bed hostel, but they do as much as they can despite almost acting more like hotel reservation desk than hostel staff.

Score: 90

The Location

Sure, the location could be much better, but very few hostels in Europe have superb locations.  The good news is that the hostel is close to King’s Cross Station which will pretty much take you anywhere in the UK.  You are also not far from metro and bus stops to take you wherever you want to go in the city.  I walked to the waterfront twice just to see if it can be done, and it can.  I think it took me about 40 minutes to do so.  The second time I did the trip I walked all the way to Buckingham Palace via the National Museum and the walk wasn’t bad at all.

Score: 70

Overall Rating

I think my review of Clink78 reflects how much I enjoyed staying there.  Despite the location not being perfect, the hostel being an attraction in itself really made me feel like I would want to go back.  I will always have positive memories of this hostel, and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting London.

Overall Score = 89

Want More Info?

If you would like more information about the hostel, or you are ready to book a couple nights, check out the HostelBookers.com page for the hostel by clicking here.

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