As some of you know, Jeff Bartlett and I are running a photography tour to Cuba this December. We’re almost nearing the deadline for participants to join, so this post is a bit of a reminder that if you’re interested, we need to hear from you soon.

If you haven’t heard about our travel photography workshop in Cuba yet, be sure to head over to this page for information.

Flights to Cuba

The great news is that there are now direct flights coming from the United States to Cuba. You can fly into Santa Cruz and Camaguey from either New York or Miami now, which is fantastic. What’s even better is that the flights are extremely cheap. JetBlue, for example, has launched flights as cheap as $99.

Though the tour starts in Havana, we can definitely arrange transport from either one of the cities in Cuba that the American flights come from.

Cuba Photography Workshop

Can Americans Come to Cuba?

Absolutely. When you leave the United States, you’ll be given a form asking for your reason for visiting Cuba. Since you’re not allowed, as an American, to be in Cuba as a tourist, you’ll need to fill one of the other categories. One of those categories is education, and since our workshop is of educational nature, you have every right to be there.

Moreover, you might be asked if you will be having “peer-to-peer” activities with locals. And, you’ll be staying with locals, and even have a local photographer teaching you his skills one day.

It should also be noted that since 2008, not a single American has been reprimanded for visiting Cuba in any capacity.

Is the Trip Guarenteed

Yes. As of right now, we’ve reached the minimum of what we need to run the workshop.

Book Now

If you’re interested in booking, please send us an email to brendanvanson (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m happy to discuss the next step and organize payment.

For more information on the photography workshop, or others we’ll be running around the world visit here.

Some Photo Teasers

I thought I’d leave you with a couple photo teasers from Cuba. It’s such a wonderful place to photograph!

Landscape, Vinales, Cuba

Vinales, Cuba

Portrait, Vinales, Cuba

This man was the neighbour of our Casa Particular.

Tobacco Farm, Vinales, Cuba

Tobacco Field.

Plaza de la Cathedral, Cuba

Plaza de la Cathedral in Havana

Trinidad, Cuba

Portrait of a Cuban with a cigar in his mouth.

Trinidad, Cuba

The view of Trinidad, Cuba from the cathedral.

Cuba Portrait

Book Now

We need to have a firm figure on the number of participants by mid-October, so if you’re interested, please get in touch as soon as possible.

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