BA Beer

Daily Travel Photo: BA Beer

BA Beer

The Set Up

The one thing that South American’s don’t do very well is beer.  In most of the region it is understandable, however, as the temperatures are just too hot to enjoy any type of beer other than a simple cold lager.  In Argentina, I was thrilled at the choices of beers available. Finally, dark beers, even if they are a little bit on the sweet side the variety was a welcome friend.  Quilmes is the beer of choice in most of Argentina, and this is the dark verison: Quilmes Stout.

The Shot

I was actually sitting in the bar of a hostel in Buenos Aires when a you photographer wannabe came down to see me editing some photos.  He asked me for some lessons on the basics functions.  I have learned one thing in shooting photography over the year, that I love teaching.  For this shot I was teaching depth of field.  I shot this at 105mm at 4f to show what a blown out background looks like.  I then showed him the same shot at 16f which gave a much more clear background.  Shooting with wide apertures like this shot allow for the viewer to have true focus on the subject.  It also often creates some interesting background shapes using the natural lights.

What did I Miss?

Yesterday I posted a photo essay on the colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I revisit the wonder of Antarctica as I post 21 photos, with a humorous edge, from my trip.  The post is called “21 Photos from Antarctica: B-Sides”