Black Bird Fence

Daily Travel Photo: Black Bird Fence

Black Bird Fence – click to enlarge

Daily Travel Photo: Black Bird Fence


The Set Up

This was shot from my campsite in the Pantanal of Brazil.  The amount of wildlife in the area is absolutely amazing.  The bird life alone was spectacular as in our campsite alone there were parrots, macaws, and a number of others.  This bird was just sitting on the fence post begging me to take a picture of it.  My experience in the Pantanal might be one full of mosquitos and rains, but it’s the plethora of wildlife and birds like this that made it all worth it.  Like anything in travel, quite often the destinations with no challenge are those with no reward, and vice-versa.

The Shot

Bird photography is tricky.  Unless you take bird photography professionally, or you have very deep pockets, it is very expensive to buy the lenses necessary to get right in close on birds.  One of the tricks that you can use instead is to not try and capture the bird in your full frame.  Instead place the bird as a subject in a larger image like I have done here.  Try to place the bird in the two-thirds range of the photo as well, it will add a lot more life to the image.

What did I miss?

Yesterday I posted what I think is a fun list of things you can do, as a backpacker, on the rare occasion that you finally get your own private room.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow I will be going live with a photo essay of the animals from the Pantanal.