Daily Travel Photo: Blue Asuncion Night

Blue Asuncion Night

Daily Travel Photo: Blue Asuncion Night


The Set Up

I really enjoyed my time in Asuncion.  Very few people visit the city based on the information provided by the very few people that pass through.  Most feel like the city has very little to offer in terms of tourist attractions.  Although that is true, the city is dotted with brilliantly formed colonial buildings and mansions.  This little church sat one clock directly behind the hostel that I stayed at.

The Shot

I was a little bit lazy in shooting photography in Asunción and I had left all my shooting for the last night that I was in town.  Luck have it, it poured rain for about 2 hours right as the sun was about to set.  My preferred lighting for these types of shots is just after the sun has gone down when the building lights glow and the sky still has a nice iridescent glow, but the rain was challenging this ability.  Luckily, just as the right light shone through the rain stopped completely and the sky lit up in a bright blue and purple.  I really love the colours in this shot, and grabbing it on camera was simply a combination of good timing, crisp planning, and sheer and utter luck.

What did I Miss?

Wednesday I posted a photo essay from the town of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.  Yesterday I featured one of the local beers of Argentina: Quilmes Stout.

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