Daily Travel Photo: Travel Buddies

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Daily Travel Photo: Travel Buddies


The Set Up

I’ve mentioned to a couple of people already how I was struck by how much there was to do and see in Belem, Brazil.  One of those great things to do was a visit to the local botanical gardens.  The gardens were a protected piece of natural landscape, and were home to a number of local animals both free and in rehabilitation.  I stumbled upon an enclosure that was filled with turtles as well as a couple of large caymans.  I could help but laugh when I looked over at the scene to notice that there was a turtle riding the back of the cayman while the cayman had his arm around the shoulders of another turtle.  You could fill this scene with a captions all day and it would never get old.  I am not a fan of taking pictures at zoos, but how could you not take a picture of this?

The Shot

Quite honestly, there was nothing done technically to make this picture, so the lesson is to take your camera with you everywhere.  Even if you don’t expect a great moment or photo to happen, it could.  I take my camera with me everywhere, even to the store to buy groceries.

What did I miss?

My last article was a help article for those who travel by bus in somewhat dangerous locations.  Check out my tips for protecting yourself in the case of a bus hijacking.

What’s next?

After my series of electronics issues I am almost completely back to fully functional.  I just need to complete the repairs to my camera and I am ready to go again.  Tomorrow I will have a new article for you from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.