Calm Hummingbird

Daily Travel Photo: Calm Hummingbird


The Set Up

Hummingbirds are famous for being some of the most difficult birds to photograph.  They aren’t big fans of standing still, and when they move they generally do so frenetically.  In Filadelfia, Paraguay, which I’ll be writing about more later on, I came a cross a tree where I followed this humming bird for about 10minutes before it finally rewarded me with a calm pose for the camera.

The Shot

To shoot birds you’re likely going to want to use a long lens.  I used my 70-200mm lens for this shot and took the picture at 200mm.  If you’re really into bird photography you’ll want to look at buy a lens that reaches somewhere around 300mm or more if you can.  However, don’t sacrifice lens zoom for quality, to get a really strong bird image you’ll want a lens that can shoot as fast as somewhere between 2.8 and 4 f, otherwise it will simply be too slow.

What did I miss?

Monday I posted a time elapse photography video from an evening in Buenos Aires.

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