Carnival Parade

Carnival Parade

Daily Travel Photo: Carnival Parade


The Set Up

Carnival works in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil works like a giant continuous parade.  People form “bloco” groups that follow around big musical and dance acts as they lap the city.  For those who decide to stay outside the blocos, or in one of the Camarotes (overlooking bars) what they get is a revolving concert fesitval.  For those who join a bloco they walk through the streets with the group of their choice.  The group that is coming my way in this photo is one following the Brazilian artist Jammil who is one of the more popular Brazilian acts.

The Shot

Again, I will tell you, as a photographer you immediately have power.  If you carry a big camera people will simply make room for you because they think you are special.  In this case, I had asked for press passes to a number of different Camarotes.  The balcony was packed with people waiting for Jammil to arrive.  As I walked towards the balcony, everyone looked at me with my camera and split like the red sea allowing me to the edge of the balcony where I got some cool shots.

What did I miss?

Yesterday I posted an article about the famous hand in the sand statue in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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