Daily Travel Photo: Carnival Scene

Daily Travel Photo: Carnival Scene

Carnival Street Scene

The Set Up

I know I usually try to keep my articles in chronological order, but Carnival was almost a new story so I thought I’d skip ahead and give you a bit of a preview.  I will also do something I haven’t done before, let you see some of the other images I shot yesterday.

The Shot

This is a classic case of if you don’t ask they can’t say yes.  As photographers, or even as writers, we should pride ourselves in the fact that we are in fact journalists.  So when a big event is going on be sure to go around and ask for press passes and free entries so that you can work.  It’s not our fault that our work is fun.  The price of an average Camarote, where I stood for all these pictures is between 75 and 250 US Dollars.  I didn’t pay a penny for any of the Camarotes I entered.

There is a line that a lot of pro photographers use.  They say you can’t just take a shot you have to make it.  That is something that should go through your mind every time you pull the trigger.  For this shot I chose a funky angle and horizon in order to draw the viewer’s eyes across the scene and towards the bright light.

What did I miss?

Yesterday I posted the second in the two part series about Florianopolis, Brazil.  The last daily travel photo that I posted was from Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

What’s next?

After this teaser from Carnival, I go back to writing about the area I had been traveling through.  The next article is called “Punta del Este, What’s in a Hand”