Cerro Cora National Park

Cerro Cora National Park – Click to enlarge

Daily Travel Photo: Cerro Cora National Park


The Set Up

I made an absolutely epic hike through this very off the beaten path national park in Paraguay.  I followed jaguar tracks, hiked through snake filled swamp water to my knees, and fought the 44 degree Celsius sun and I did it all by myself.  Maybe not the smartest thing in the world, hiking alone in those conditions, but I’ve become quite adept at knowing and understanding my surroundings.  I have a great story from this trek that will be published by a travel ezine in May, so I will pass on the link for that when it is published.

The Shot

This was actually my last shot on my DSLR before it went funky on me. Basically what has happened is the contacts on the body took too much of a beating from the humidity, and they need to be replaced.  I can take pictures on the auto-modes, but it’s very frustrating.  Anyways, I should be able to get it fixed in about 2 weeks when I get to Caracas, Venezuela.  The lesson for this post then is about humidity protection.  If you’re in harsh conditions like I had been where there is lots of humidity try to store your equipment in dry ziplock bags when you can with a couple packs of silica to keep everything dry.

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