Daily Travel Photo: Dandelion in the Wind

Daily Travel Photo: Dandelion in the Wind

Dandelion in the wind

Dandelion in the Wind

I know that the flower is out of focus, and I’ll be honest in telling you that that was not my intention by any stretch of the imagination.  However, when I developed the image I realized that sometimes out of focus has it’s charm.  In this shot, the middle of the flower is relatively focused, but as each pedal ventures farther and farther from home it becomes more blurred.  Travel poetry for you in the form of a photo?  Or, just an out of focus picture… I’ll let you decide.

Author: Brendan van Son

Author: I am a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. Over my years as a travel photographer, I have visited 6 of the 7 continents and more countries than I have any desire to count. If you want to improve your skills, be sure to check out my travel photography channel on Youtube . Also, check out my profile on . to learn a little bit more about me and my work.

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  1. WOW, now THAT’S a photo my friend!!! Bravo!

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  2. the moment is pretty good, but little out of fokus..
    please visit on my blog an give some comment. thank you.. 🙂

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  3. I love the photo and never think of focus/out of focus. I love taking photos and take a lot of them on my travels but I am so far away from a good photographer.
    This is great and also kinda sad…

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  4. What you captured was a pure moment of nature and put words to her magic. I love it! Is it out of focus? I hadn’t noticed : )

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