Daily Travel Photo: Floripa Reflexion

Clouds reflecting in Florianopolis
Floripa Reflexion

Daily Travel Photo: Floripa Reflexion

The Set Up

The hostel I stayed at in Florianopolis, Brazil was amazing.  A big shout out to Barra Beach Club, if you are ever in Florianopolis look them up!  The hostel bar overlooked this beach and for 3 days I watched as the sky was as boring, photographically, as it could be until about an hour after sundown when it went bright purple.  I kicked myself every single night for not being down at the beach to photograph it.  On my last night in town I finally headed down to the beach and although for most of the night the sky was fairly boring at one point the clouds fizzeled to allow for a moment of photography.

The Shot

This is one of those cases of don’t get too caught up in your vision.  I had my mind set on shooting an image with very smooth water as the tide was racing through these rocks.  But as I was waiting for a brief second this puddle of water calmed enough to show a nice reflexion, I twisted my positing and shot it literally seconds before the waves ruined it all.  Be prepared to shoot anything, don’t get narrow focused.

I shot this image at 18mm on f16 with a shutterspeed of 1/3. Iso100.