Daily Travel Photo: Iguazu Iguana

Daily Travel Photo: Iguazu Iguana

Iguazu Falls Iguana
Iguazu Iguana

The Set Up

I captured this guy crossing the pathway near Iguazu Falls.  How I got the image was basically a classic case of fire away.  This Iguana came walking onto the red soil the perfect distance from my lens to capture him.  He then, right after this photo was taken, turned hard to his right and right towards me.  I took about 15 shots of him with his tongue out, close ups of his face, and even a shot of his eye.  Unfortunately, in the flurry I had my lens on Manual focus without noticing, and only adjusted this one shot properly.  The others are all out of focus to my standards.

The Shot

I’m a bone head.  The beauty of the 70-200mm F4 IS is that you can override the AF and focus then manually adjust, and I can’t really remember why I had changed my camera completely to MF.  But in the heat of the battle sometimes you miss.  On the other hand, I really like this image and think it’s got a lot of character.  I shot this, as I mentioned, on my 70-200 with at 200mm on f5 at 1/400 seconds, iso100.

What’s Next?

This week I head up to Iguazu Falls.  Check out my article coming up tomorrow called “Fighting Crowds: Iguazu Falls Day 1”